Accessing your data using decrypted saves

Using Homebrew, a CFW or a Cybersaves device you can access the decrypted save data of your game directly. Creating a key is not required.

Since the requirements for Homebrew are numerous and you have a lot of different options, this guide will not get into details of how to get Homebrew. Instead I recommend you go to Smea's website ez3ds or check out Plailect's guide. The latter covers a lot of things beyond getting Homebrew, feel free to just not read the other parts at all. Once you have access to Homebrew, you can dump your saves using JKSM and open them in KeySAVᵉ. When using the Homebrew launcher to open a save manager, you have to select the game that you want to dump the save from before you start the application. Once you select the save manager, you can choose the game with the left and right buttons on your d-pad. You can also install JKSM as a CIA if you have a CFW.
A Cybersaves device can be used to extract decrypted saves from Japanese game cartridges. Please consult other tutorials for instructions how to obtain the save. Once you have your main-File, you can open it in KeySAVᵉ. Please make sure never to save any data in the KeySAVᵉ folder itself.

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