The filters may be enabled by clicking the Enable Filters button in the dumping tab.

The various options should be mostly self-explanatory, however here are some remarks:

  • A perfect IV is normally considered to be 31.
  • If you tick the 'Special Attacker' checkbox, the Attack IV will be considered to be perfect when it is 0.
  • If you tick the 'Trickroom' checkbox, the Speed IV will be considered to be perfect when it is 0.
  • If you select at least one Hidden Power, the IVs 30 and 1 respectively will also considered to be perfect.
  • By default the 'Is Shiny' filter will show only hatched shinies. If you want to show eggs, you can
    • tick the 'My SV' chechbox. That will display eggs that will hatch shiny on your current game.
    • input any number of SVs in the textbox below - the egg will be shown if it matches any of those SVs
  • Eggs will only be filtered for SVs if the 'Is Shiny' filter is activated as well
  • The shiny override will show a shiny if it matches your shiny criteria even if it doesn't fullfill any of the other filters!
  • The custom filter is any valid JavaScript expression, if it evaluates to a truthy value, the Pokémon will be shown, it will be hidden if it is falsy. The Pokémon to filter is available as pkm in the context.

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