The Legacy (KeySAV2) formatting plugin

This formatting plugin supports usage of formatting strings from KeySAV2. It is provided for backwards compatibility and to make the migration easier for you. If you are looking to create a new format string or are new to KeySAV in general, I strongly recommend you check out the Handlebars plugin instead. It is a lot more powerful and versatile. This formatting plugin will also not be updated for uses sepcific to Generation 7 games. Regardless, here is a guide:

The header is shown before your dumping output or before every box should you choose to split them. A sensible default can be generated from your format string by clicking the reload button to the right of the text field.

Your format string may contain sequences that match {\d+} (this is a regular expression and means an opening curly brace preceded by at least one digit and then a closing curly brace). These sequences will be replaced by Pokémon data in your dumping output. The following values have a defined equivalent:

Number Meaning
0 Box
1 Slot(Row, Column)
2 Species
3 Gender
4 Nature
5 Ability
7 Attack IV
8 Defense IV
9 Sp. Attack IV
10 Sp. Defense IV
11 Speed IV
12 Hidden Power Type
13 ESV
14 TSV
15 Nickname
16 OT Name
17 Ball
18 TID
19 SID
20 HP EV
21 Attack EV
22 Defense EV
23 Sp. Attack EV
24 Sp. Defense EV
25 Speed EV
26 Move 1
27 Move 2
28 Move 3
29 Move 4
30 Egg/Relearn Move 1
31 Egg/Relearn Move 2
32 Egg/Relearn Move 3
33 Egg/Relearn Move 4
34 Shinyness
35 Is Egg
36 Level
37 Region
38 Country
39 Held Item
40 Language
41 Game
42 Slot in Box
43 PID
44 Gen. 6 Mark
45 Dex/Species Number
46 Form
47 Is HP IV Perfect
48 Is Attack IV Perfect
49 Is Defense IV Perfect
50 Is Sp. Attack IV Perfect
51 Is Sp. Defense IV Perfect
52 Is Speed IV Perfect
53 Perfect IV Count
54 IV Sum
55 EV Sum
56 Egg Received Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
57 Met/Hatched Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
58 Experience
59 Dump Count Number
60 Infected with Pokérus
61 Cured from Pokérus
62 OT Gender
63 Met Level
64 OT Friendship
65 OT Affection
66 Minimum Steps to Hatch

In addition to that, a number of settings are available:

  • Show ESV for hatched Pokémon (or leave it blank)
  • Split Pokémon into boxes (or show them as one big table)
  • Show/hide/mark ghosts

Back to the formatting overview.

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