Migration from KeySAV2

KeySAVᵉ is fully backwards compatible to KeySAV2 keys and format strings. Note that KeySAV2 originally required you to save your game twice (with a soft reset in-between) every time you wanted to view the data. I removed that requirement around December 2014 but had to change the breaking process and keys a little bit. KeySAVᵉ is compatible with both, but if you use files from the old breaking process, the restriction of having to save twice will apply, too. If at a later point you want to upgrade your key, follow the instructions here.

To import keys from your KeySAV2 installation, go to the Breaking tab and choose to either let KeySAVᵉ scan your home directory for any KeySAV2 installations (up to five folders nested) or specify an installation explicitly. Either the folder containing KeySAV2.exe or the data folder are fine.

The keys will be saved automatically (or used to improve existing keys) and the formatting options will be added as instances of the Legacy (KeySAV2) plugin ready for you to be used.

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