Getting involved

KeySAVᵉ is an open-source project and you can get involved in many different ways.

Giving feedback

Did you encounter a bug? Is something not working as you'd expect it to? Do you think something could be better than it is currently? Need a new feature? Or do you just want to say hi?

In any case, you can create an issue on GitHub write me an e-mail, contact me on Twitter (@Cu3PO42), send me a PM on Reddit (/u/Cu3PO42) or join us at #KeySAVe on synIRC. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

A few things that are planned already:

  • Improve the design. It doesn't look half-bad as it is now in my opinion, but I'm probably slaughtering Google's Material Design guidelines.
  • Make the breaking process easier by having KeySAVᵉ do some extra things for you.
  • Making the theme adjustable. I might make the theme fully customizable or just offer a light and a dark version.
  • More checking methods. I have some ideas for checking methods based on Homebrew.
  • Lots of optimizations.


KeySAVᵉ itself is hosted on GitHub, feel free to fork it and send me some Pull Requests! The decryption part is a separate project called KeySAVCoreJS. If you just want to help me out a bit, it would be most appreciated if you gave the project a star on GitHub!

If you want to help any other way, just let me know and we'll figure something out!

I still need/want a new icon that scales better across resolutions, so if you're interested in helping with that, please do let me know!

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