Getting Started

First of you will want to grab the latest version of KeySAVᵉ from GitHub. A couple of notes on that:

  • -darwin- is the release you want if you're on Mac OS X. The reason for this is that OS X's kernel is called Darwin!
  • There is no release specifically for Windows 64-bit, but the 32-bit version will work just fine!
  • Unfortunately there is no 32-bit Linux version at this time, since I don't know of a CI server that does 32-bit Linux builds, if you know one, please let me know! In the mean time, you'll just have to build it for yourself. Instructions can be found in the README.

Now that you have your release, go ahead and extract it to the folder of your choice. You can start KeySAVᵉ by double clicking the application on Mac, KeySAVe.exe on Windows and starting the binary KeySAVe on Linux (you may be required to mark it as executable if you can't start it right away.)

Now let's get some data extracted from your game. Go to the Dumping page for an overview of the methods that are available.
If you currently use KeySAV2, check out the migration guide.

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